As consumer demand for plant-based foods increases, coconut oil has become a popular fat choice for its rich flavor with a mild coconut aroma. The popularity of coconut and particularly coconut oil has soared because of touted health benefits. A survey found that 72% of Americans rated coconut oil as “healthy,” though only 37% of nutrition experts agreed. Coconut oil is popular in several trending diets including ketogenic & Paleo diets. For a summertime treat consider a tropical crumble with coconut, mango & pineapple. A crumble is a dish that can be made in a sweet or savory version, although the sweet version is much more common. A sweet variety usually contains stewed fruit topped with a crumbly mixture of fat, flour & sugar. A savory version uses meat, vegetables and sauce for the filling, with cheese replacing sugar in the crumble mix. The crumble is baked in an oven until the topping is crisp. The dessert variety is often served with ice cream or custard. The savory variety can be served with vegetables. Sitram’s Coconut Crumble that combines many tropical flavors in the recipe: mango, pineapple & coconut. ( Recettes Sucrées – Crumble Tropical mangue-ananas-coco hashtagchef hashtagfood hashtagrestaurant hashtagdessert hashtagsummer hashtagcuisinonsvrai hashtagmadeinfrance hashtagkitchen hashtagfrench