The US is regarded as the world’s largest exporter of eggs with per capita consumption surpassing 275.8 million. Last year U.S. egg products were exported to 87 countries totaling a whopping 98.7 million dozen exported. YOY increase was 11.7% from the previous year. Worldwide egg consumption has increased for good reason. Studies suggest that the good HDL cholesterol increases with egg consumption. Americans consume an estimated 278 mg of dietary cholesterol daily representing 24.6% of daily intake. Nutritional studies also confirm that eggs provide an excellent source of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids & beneficial fatty acids. Eggs have a full array of amino acids & are considered the most perfect protein on the planet! Amino acids are important for a healthy immune system, metabolism & lean body tissue development. The best eggs come from pastured free range chickens, where the birds are allowed to roam freely, eat insects & plants. The nutrients from this varied diet can be transferred into the eggs & improve the nutritional profile of eggs. Chicken or the egg? The debate will rage on; however, there is no denying both are perfectly cooked in a nonstick pan.  #chef #brunch #eggs #cooking #France #healthy #gourmet #food