Chef Bruno Riou

With a decade of experience working with Alain Ducasse in London, including managing a three Michelin start chef team, Bruno Riou continues to serve as the Executive Chef under Alain Ducasse. He is often recognized for interpreting classic and refined Ducasse cuisine in a contemporary way. Rio attributes his passion for cooking to his family, particularly his mother and father from Corsica. Before enrolling in culinary school at age 24, Riou studied law and geography. While taking courses at the Lycée Hôtelier De Bonneveine in Marseille, he staged with Provençal Chef Jean Pierre Moggia, who has been one of his mentors ever since. Upon graduating, he worked in southern France for two years before moving to London where he was energized by a community of ambitious chefs dedicated to perfecting their culinary skills. Starting at Le Suquet, he quickly learned English and was committed to working in a fine dining restaurant. In 2002, he took an opportunity to work at Alain Ducasse's Spoon at Sanderson in the Sanderson Hotel in London, where he was inspired by working for a renowned culinary master and the fine ingredients available. Three years later he was promoted to executive sous chef, creating new menus and overseeing the schedule for the 24-hour kitchen and its 25 chefs. "Sitram blends timeless design with durability in their high performing cookware lines. We source the best possible ingredients and tools for our kitchen. We depend on Sitram to help us deliver exceptional results". Chef Bruno Riou