Name: K F
Product Reviewed: Sitra Pro Stainless Steal Pressure Cooker

Comment: Sitram Pro – the Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker over all other manufacturers.
I recently purchased the Sitra Pro Pressure Cooker from Prior to purchasing this pressure cooker, I did extensive research on many pressure cookers and searched stovetop pressure cooker reviews and ‘best’ pressure cookers.

Swiss manufacturer was rated highest on some youtube videos that proffered very good bases for how to determine a good pressure cooker. However, Sitram, did not appear in the comparison. Additionally, the swiss manufacturer’s approach was to require the cook to monitor the pressure indicator and does not release any steam. While excellent on conserving moisture, not too practical for a home where multiple items are cooking and other distractions prevent a person from constantly adjusting burner temperature to ensure the pressure remained within the markers. Additionally, the swiss made pressure cooker was lighter and appeared significantly less durable. On the other extreme, there was a chinese brand that acts as an old fashion pressure cooker emitting steam constantly -similar to the old fashion pressure cookers with the weight on the steam release valve. These tend to be noisy, inefficient and questionable materials and assembly. There were other brands from various countries with unique approaches towards managing the pressure cooker that seemed to detract from just simply cooking. Again, most places did not review this Sitram Pro Pressure Cooker.

I wanted something simple, stainless steel, a heat padding on the bottom for even cooking, seamless perpendicular walls (no bulge or unique design), well designed, no plastic or rubber components on the inside of the lid, well sourced materials, heavy duty and failsafe pressure valves. When I came across Sitra Pro, while there weren’t many videos available, it fit all the criteria I was looking for. I purchased 1 pressure cooker and after a couple of months of use here is what I found:

– Excellent cooking, easy and quick to reach and maintain pressure
– Quiet operation despite releasing a little steam to ensure accuracy
– Even heating so that the cooker does not need to be monitored every minute
– Incredibly quick cooking of meat that would have taken 4 times the time in the oven
– Easy steam release and one hand removal of lid
– Cleaning is easy and quick
– So far, no visible deterioration of the gasket for the lid
– Large pot that enables cooking whole chicken and other meats easily
– No plastic objects on the inside the lid – all metal (did not like various manufacturers that had plastic components on the inside of the lid which introduces short term failure points).
– Incredibly amazing tasting food

Less desirable
– Lid is heavy, which requires the strength to press, twist and turn
– Instructions are very small and limited in helping a person understand how to use the pressure cooker effectively
– Pot is large so if you do not have a large sink, it makes it difficult to clean
– Not enough videos available in English for people learning about this pressure cooker

Lessons learned while using
– Lid handle lock should be 90 degrees of pot handles, not inline, this enables putting the lid on seamlessly
– When closing the lid, air needs to be released as depressed in order to lock the lid, this means pushing down to release the inside air pressure when first closing the lid at cold temperature
– Can easily hear the simmer when the pressure pot has reached pressure and time to turn down the stove
– The quality of food directly impacts the quality of dish, using organic free-range meat is noticeably better than other sources of meat

When using fresh organic materials, this pressure cooker produces incredible results where spices are not required. I could not believe the tastes from fresh organic vegetables and meats. I threw out my microwave to eliminate the radiation as well as the cancerous byproducts produced in foods cooked by the microwave. With the Sitram Pro, now food can be cooked as fast as a microwave, but without the health issues.

When cleaning this pressure cooker, it is extremely easy and so far has maintained its reflective stainless steal luster.

This pressure cooker by far beats out all of the other manufacturers that are listed on many of the review sites, including ‘America’s test kitchen.’ The materials and construction are very sturdy, the heating is incredibly even and the pressure is maintained without the need for a very accurate flame or adjusting the flame to keep the cooker at pressure.

I liked this pressure cooker so much that I bought a second one for a wedding gift. This is an excellent product to enable the healthy way of cooking (eliminate the microwave). This is something that will last for more than a generation.

Review by verified Sitra Pro purchase.