Verified Client Purchaser 2019

Verified Client Purchase testimonial: “Sitram is one of the great values in the world of commercial-quality cookware.  It combines outstanding performance and design at excellent price points. My family ran a catering business, so I’ve been cooking in commercial kitchens or as a serious amateur for over 50 years.  I bought my first Sitram pots in the 1980s (the Catering line, with welded handles), and have added to those since.  We use a piece of Sitram cookware at least once a day and everything is in perfect condition after 35 years of heavy use. As further evidence of its durability, we’ve used Sitram cookware while taking classes at the Institute for Culinary Education, in New York City, where it takes a beating.  When one newly purchased pot had a problem, Sitram replaced it immediately based on the photo I sent them, so they stand behind their products in the rare event that there is an issue.

The most compelling performance feature is outstanding heat conductivity.  A large stock pot or kettle can be kept simmering over the lowest of flames.  Clean-up is a breeze and the stainless-steel finishes are bullet-proof.  While often an overlooked afterthought, the long handles are shaped in such a way as to make pouring from saucepans a simple task; much cookware has toy-like handles that are difficult to grasp firmly, while Sitram handles are a pleasure.  Likewise, whatever the appeal to some of glass lids that are breakable, the stainless Sitram lids have easy-to-grasp handles and fit snugly.

Very highly recommended.”