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Lamb Chops

There is a difference between baby lamb chops and lamb loin chops. Lamb loin chops are like mini T-bone steaks. For baby lamb chops, the bone is often frenched. To “french” a bone is a culinary term that means to cut the meat away from the end of a rib or chop so that part of the bone is exposed. This French trimming of the ends of the rib bones is simply scraping the bone clean. This makes the chops look pretty, and also acts as a handle, making these little gems perfect for appetizers.chef restaurant appetizer lamb delicious foodie gourmet chefstable cooking celebration howto culinary presentation taste france healthy appetizers meat madeinfrance

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Inspiring Chefs for Thanksgiving

Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is the biggest culinary challenge of the year. Several dishes need to be made; most of them requiring multiple steps.  Preparation, strategy and the right kitchen gear is important.

Consider the tips below when planning the biggest meal of the year.

  • Avoid repeating ingredients in your menu.
  • Variety is important particularly if guests may have allergies to specific foods.
  • Texture is important – roasted turkey pairs well with creamy or caramelized
  • Flavor is crucial. Consider a spicy dish to add diversity and kick.
  • Color is significant – food needs to look as good as it tastes! Consider cranberries or sweet potatoes for a dash of color to the table.

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