Thanksgiving Tip – Mise en Place

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Thanksgiving Tip: Mise En Place   The French culinary phrase which means “everything in its place” refers to the setup required before cooking. Perfect for Thanksgiving!   Set the Menu: Think about balance. If your Thanksgiving dinner includes a fattier, heavier main course, like a roast, the sides should be lighter and brighter; if you […]

Pomegranates in Cooking

The pomegranate industry is poised for rapid growth by 2024. IRI/Fresh Look data indicates that fresh pomegranate retail sales volume in 2018 was 34.5 million pounds, up 16% from 2017. Industry estimates put the fresh crop (760 varieties) this year at close to 6 million boxes in 2019 (due to weather: hail & wind). In […]

When Life Gives You Lemons!

A squeeze of lemon is as good as a dash of salt in bringing out the flavor of just about any food. The acidity cuts greasiness & heaviness – giving food a fresh, clean taste. Food acids (lemon juice) are added to make flavors “sharper” & act as preservatives & antioxidants. Acidity regulators are used […]

Romancing the Stove. Happy Valentines Day!

Romancing the stove with a genuinely thoughtful mind, a vulnerable heart & a love for cooking. Happy Valentines Day! #taste #restaurant #healthy #france #kitchen #cooking #mindfulness #inspiration #design #wellness #delcious #chefstable #culinaryarts #valentinesday2019