Scallops are found in many waters throughout the world. The great scallop is abundant in the Mediterranean, while the sea and bay scallop are found concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean off North America. The season for fresh sea scallops and bay scallops runs from October through March. This seafood is wonderfully versatile & a delicious […]


One-pound lobsters, which Mainers call “chicks,” are now selling for about $12 @ pound; a couple dollars more per pound more than six months ago. The U.S. lobster industry, based heavily in Maine, is in a slow period as fishermen prepare to pull summer traps. Lack of fishing effort & high prices may cause the […]


A saucier (French pronunciation: [sosje]) or sauté chef is a position in the classical brigade style kitchen. “Saucier” is also the name given to French cooks who prepare sauces, stocks & soups. Although it is often considered the highest position of the station cooks, the saucier is typically still tertiary to the chef and sous-chef. […]