Elevating the guest experience by transforming tableside service is a strategy that is performing in restaurants. The innovation & showmanship by chefs is driving sales. The concept started with the time-honored culinary tradition in French gastronomy & has once again gained in popularity.

Tableside service hearkens back to a more genteel time in France, where skilled chefs would work in front of the house to display their prowess. It was a way to sell the sizzle that has since transformed into part culinary arts; part entertainment.

Trends come and trends go, but stellar tableside service is a classic approach to differentiate in the crowded market. Clients enjoy watching & learning from the chef before digging into the meal or dessert.
Allowing the chef to showcase some of their techniques & best ingredients in local markets is favored. A skillful maitre d’ brings the experience to a whole new level. Guests can smell the aromas of the dish, hear the crispy skin being carved & learn culinary techniques during the service.
Sometimes, the performance is not so much a statement of refinement as it is a gesture of hospitality. It’s an exciting time to excel at this time-honored culinary tradition.

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