Chef Pascale Salem Jaubert

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Pascale Salem Jaubert

Pascale Salam Jaubert grew up in the Gers region of France. After her studies at the Hotel School of Toulouse, sponsored by Jean-Luc Danjou's cooking teacher and best worker in France, she started at Dominique Toulousy "Opera gardens" in Toulouse, 2 Michelin stars, and then at Guy Savoy in Paris, 2 Michelin stars. She continued her career in London and New York before returning to Auch. In her cooking workshop in Gascony, she teaches culinary courses where she can share her passion and expertise for food.

Cotogna San Francisco

“We wanted to give you feedback on the profiserie line.  We use the pans almost exclusively in our restaurant Cotogna.  The pans are extremely conductive. The shape is ideal for properly cooking pasta, and can be used on our induction … Read More

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