Sitam Sauciers

Stainless Steel Conical Skillet

Riveted Saucier

Conical Skillet

Non Stick Saucier

Conical Skillet

“Saucier” is  the name given to French cooks who prepare sauces, stocks, and soups.

Sauciers are rounded saucepans with wider mouths, flared walls, and rolled lips, can do everything a conventional saucepan can do—and that their distinct design features make some cooking tasks even easier. These include preparations like oatmeal, risotto, and polenta, where the food is prone to getting lodged in corners and burning, as well as custards and sauces that require frequent stirring. And as their name and wide-mouth design imply, they’re built for reducing sauces. Sauciers offer various depths and capacity, as well as easy access to their interiors and corner-free surfaces that are easy to clean.