A saucier (French pronunciation: [sosje]) or sauté chef is a position in the classical brigade style kitchen. “Saucier” is also the name given to French cooks who prepare sauces, stocks & soups. Although it is often considered the highest position of the station cooks, the saucier is typically still tertiary to the chef and sous-chef. The saucier term is also used to describe a conical shaped cooking pan. While a saucepan is standard in any kitchen, sauciers have mainly been the domain of restaurant chefs. A saucier delivers faster reduction rates when compared to standard saucepans. Industry test reports confirm that evaporation in a saucier reduces approximately 13 percent more liquid than the a saucepan did after 20 minutes. That’s proof that conical shaped heavy bottom pans with no drip rims are efficient pans for making sauces & gravy. Utensils glide against the curved walls – which is noticeably different from the stiffer, bumpier movements they made in a saucepan. Although models vary in shape & size, sauciers offer depth & capacity, flared walls & are easy access to their interiors & corner-free surfaces that are easy to clean. New stainless steel sauciers from Sitram  – available June 2018. #chef #cooking #restaurant #gourmet #kitchen #madeinFrance #French #foodie