Chef Pan Conical Sauteuse Set – Horeca R


Sitram sauciers are ideal for many cooking methods, including reduction.

One of the simplest ways to add flavor to your home cooking repertoire is to reduce braising liquid and pan drippings into thick, spoon-coating sauces. It’s a simple technique to do: As the contents of your braise (usually a heady concoction of stock, water, beer, or wine, with aromatics and a little bit of fat) evaporate, the remaining liquid becomes concentrated.  The conical shape of the saucier is ideal, as the surface area of the top of the pan is wider than the base.  This shape allows of efficient reduction of liquids, and provides an easy way to add flavor.


712036 20 cm – 7.86 Conical Sauteuse
712037 24 cm – 9.45 in Conical Sauteuse


Lids to Fit:

711828 20 cm Stainles Steel Lid – 7.87 in
711829 24 cm Stainles Steel Lid – 9.45 in


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