What to look for when selecting a pressure cooker

Select a stainless steel vessel with an aluminum disk for even heat distribution. A high quality pot with a low and wide profile is important if you prefer to brown meat prior to cooking under pressure. You can be confident that a thick bottom with an aluminum core will provide excellent heat distribution. Thicker bottoms generally held more heat and are steadier cooking under pressure. Modern lids that lock easily are important and will instill confidence. Look for an easily monitored pressure indicator, a convenient automatically locking lid, and low evaporation. Make sure you select a pressure cooker with a specific shape, size, weight, and handle comfort. The design of locking mechanisms, pressure indicators, and steam-release mechanisms; cleanup; and other features that enhance user-friendliness. Sitram produced the first pressure cooker in 1963. Since that time Sitram has curated several pressure cooking lines that touted by fine chefs, and remains the commercial choice in pressure cooking.

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