The presence of a large multi-burner gas stove is a fundamental piece of equipment in most restaurants. Commercial iron & stainless steel stoves use a lot of energy, throw off heat & require dedicated ventilation.

That is beginning to change as induction ranges evolve. Professional chefs site practical advantages of induction cooking: precision temperature control, speed, efficiency, safety & easy clean up. Many favor low temperature / simmering applications. An induction range can maintain a much lower heat than a traditional gas or electric range. Some chefs opt for induction – as it is the fastest way to heat whatever they are cooking.

Induction burners work well with stainless steel & cast iron cookware as the energy created by two opposing magnetic fields are driven by an electric current to make the metal in the cookware become hot.

However, induction cooking has a single disadvantage. Pans will cool off rapidly when removed from the burner. This is an issue for techniques that require flipping food in the pan or to sauté ingredients.

Creative restaurateurs are finding induction solutions that were previously deemed unsuitable in order to operate more efficiently. All Sitram products are induction ready. hashtag#chef hashtag#madeinfrance hashtag#restaurant hashtag#foodie hashtag#cooking hashtag#energy