Enamel Cast iron Cookware is ideal for its heat retention, use on various heat sources and stylish oven to table presentation.  Enamel cast iron cookware also tends to be heavier and sturdier, which allows it to last for several generations. The enamel surface, which has non-stick properties, is very easy to clean and maintain.  Perfect of slow cooking stews & large enough to accommodate a full chicken.

Celebrate the holidays with Sitram’s Sitrabella Enamel Cast Iron – on sale for a limited time only:

711089: Round 2.5 Liter Enamel Cast Iron: $49.99

711090:  Round 5.3 Liter Enamel Cast Iron: $69.99

711088:  Oval 6.5 Liter Enamel Cast Iron: $79.99