Squash Soup for Thanksgiving

Plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast with the best Turkey Day recipes for every course. For starters, serve up something warm for your Thanksgiving meal with delicious pressure cooked squash soup. This dish can be prepared quickly and adds a flavorful, … Read More

Thanksgiving Tip – Mise en Place

Thanksgiving Tip: Mise En Place   The French culinary phrase which means “everything in its place” refers to the setup required before cooking. Perfect for Thanksgiving!   Set the Menu: Think about balance. If your Thanksgiving dinner includes a fattier, … Read More

Pomegranates in Cooking

The pomegranate industry is poised for rapid growth by 2024. IRI/Fresh Look data indicates that fresh pomegranate retail sales volume in 2018 was 34.5 million pounds, up 16% from 2017. Industry estimates put the fresh crop (760 varieties) this year … Read More


At first sight you’ll notice that size really sets these two varieties of scallops apart. Bay scallops are relatively small, while sea scallops can be up to three times larger. The difference in size has an effect on flavor & … Read More

Savory Shallots

While shallots and onions are related, they differ basic ways and cooking applications vary by dish. Unlike regular onions, which grow as single bulbs, shallots grow in clusters, more like garlic. They are a bit sweeter than regular onions, and … Read More

Special Offer: Collectivité Pro Fry Pans

Collectivité Pro features 18/10 Stainless Steel, Artisan Welded Handles, Thick Clad Base for even heating, excellent conductivity, non-reactive surface, easy to clean, NSF, Made in France. Special Offer Set: 8″ /10″/12″ @ $149.99 while supplies last.

Sustainability First

The U.S. per capita consumption of seafood has increased to 16 pounds from 14.9 pounds. This is up 1.1 pounds from the year before and is the highest per capita consumption in almost a decade. Americans are enjoying a greater … Read More

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