Sitram has manufactured professional stainless steel cookware since 1960.

Sitram has been producing professional stainless steel cookware since 1960 in Saint-Benoît-du-Sault; a small village in the center of France. Sitram is well known throughout Europe for robust and reliable development of French kitchenware. Sitram continues to develop products through the collaboration of master chefs, manufacturing experts and design specialists. Located in Mirande, France; Gers Equipement acquired Sitram in Q3 2013. The Gers region is home to traditional gastronomy in France. and is an ambassador for the pleasures of cooking and the art of good living. Gers Equipement is a leader in French home goods and equipment for the kitchen. Gers ambition is to become the leader of kitchenware and cooking for gourmet and catering categories. Sitram has a distinguished 57 year heritage filled with French culinary tradition. Sitram is one of the last manufacturers of commercial cookware in France.