Manufacturing Sitram Catering & Professional Stainless Steel Cookware Since 1960

Sitram cookware has been manufactured in Saint-Benoît-du-Sault, France since 1960. Sitram's commercial cookware lines are the professional choice of influential chefs, hospitality and catering circles around the world. Sitram designs and manufactures cooking vessels in stainless steel, copper and aluminum. As the pioneer in pressure cooking, Sitram launched the first pressure cooker in 1963. Sitram catering collections are curated from regions in France that are known for world-class cooking. High quality raw materials, classic design and superior craftmanship make Sitram cookware a chef's favorite. Sitram continues to develop products through the collaboration of master chefs, manufacturing experts and design specialists. Sitram is one of the last manufacturers of commercial cookware in France. Sitram will release new and improved advanced patented technologies for stainless steel cookware : Eternelle. Sitram is pleased to partner with Maîtres Cuisiniers de France and the International Culinary Center in their mission to preserve and spread the art of French cuisine, and encourage the culinary development of professional chefs around the world. Sitram will launch the first commercial stainless steel riveted cookware series this Fall.

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